Did you know that eating healthy is not expensive? Find out the reason why


I know most people will not agree with me once they see the topic, but is the absolute truth. Eating healthy is very cheap.

The body is like machine which needs fuel. Any wrong fuel can destroy the machine unless it is treated at the mechanic shop. This applies to the human body, eating the wrong and unhealthy foods leads to illness which will eventually ene you in the clinic.

Eating healthy foods is less costly and it is very cheap. This is because, eating foods which will not make you get sick will surely protect you from spending a lot of money treating yourself from illness at the hospital.

Eating unhealthy foods is very costly because it may end one at the hospital. This will cost the person a lot of money for them to treat the person.

However, eating healthy will build the body and eventually makes one heathy. No need to spend additional fee at the clinic for treatment. It saves money and also time.

This makes me say and conclude that, eating healthy and good food is very cheap but the opposite is very expensive.

Some healthy meals taste great such as fruits and vegetables.

Unhealthy foods may also take great but not great for the body.

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