Never Challenge God, See What Happened To These Celebrities After Insulting God

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A few centuries ago, several personalities made serious errors in believing themselves superior and greater than God because of their successes and their small glories on earth. Whether you are rich or super smart, it shouldn't make you disrespect God. In this article, we will talk about some celebrities who laughed at God and what happened to them.

1.Tancredo Neves (Former President of Brazil)

During his presidential campaigns, he claimed that if he got 500,000 votes from his party, even God would not remove him from the presidency. God was good, he got the votes, but he fell seriously ill one day before being named president before he died.

2. John Lennon (The Beatles)

John Lennon was the co-founder of the British band Invasion called "The Beatles", a globally successful musical group that ruled for several decades. Before he passed away, in an interview he said: “Christianity will end very soon, I don't have to discuss this. I'm sure Jesus was fine, but his mission was too simple, today we are more famous than him. "

His words sparked outrage and prompted some of his fans to burn some of his posters.

Some time later, on December 8, 1970, Lennon was murdered by one of his fans who shot him 6 times in the head.

3.Thomas Andrews (Titanic shipbuilder)

Known for having built the Titanic ship, Thomas Andrews was interviewed by a reporter who asked him how safe the Titanic ship was, with a tongue-in-cheek tone, he replied, “Even God himself cannot sink the ship. ". The rest, we all know it.

4. Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood celebrity, Marilyn Monroe had a great fame and a wealth that many would have liked in her time. One day, while making a movie on a set, she received a visit from a preacher named Billy Graham who said to her, "The Spirit of God sent me to preach for you." After listening kindly to the preacher, she said to him: “I don't need your Jesus”. Exactly a week later, she was found dead in her bedroom. Investigations revealed that she committed suicide following an attack of depression.

5. Good Scott

former AC / DC singer Ronald Belford Scott, aka "Bon Scott", born July 9, 1946 is an Australian singer of British origin. Bon Scott is best known for being the lead vocalist for the 1974 rock band AC / DC. A line in one of his songs was: "don't stop me, I'm going all the way down the highway to hell." . ". A year later, he was found dead after being choked on his own saliva.


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