Notorious Nairobi Criminal Arrested As He Confesses How He Has Been Terrorizing Kenyans

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Photo Courtesy. The suspected criminal who was arrested in Kayole. 

Criminal activities in the country have been on the rise with many Kenyans losing their lives and property at the hands of inhuman criminals who are out to make a living at the expense of other people's sweat. 

The government has been trying to fight these criminal gangs with little success achieved so far. Earlier today police in Kayole have arrested a Notorious Criminal who has been terrorizing residents in different parts of the city. 

According to the robber, he has been stealing phones and other things from his home. Asked how he manages to access the houses, He confessed that he breaks in by removing iron sheets. He also confessed that he stole people's shoes and clothes. 

Locals have been asked to report at Kayole station in case they have been victims of the man's predatory behavior. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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