Cleophas Malala In trouble After Insulting Police Officers Infront Of People In Bungoma

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There is a circulating video where Cleophas Malala of the Amani National Congress (ANC) party, talking ill about the police, where he was insulting police officers in front of people of Bungoma

In his speech he said , police work was to hold a gun which does not need any experience, he further added that the job was only for illiterate and school dropouts . This speech was demeaning to the police who where there

He did this while pointing at the police officers who were to give him protection and ensure total security.

His statement means that's Cleophas Malala did not have respect for the police at all. He did this while the crowd was cheering him up

In the past after insulting H. E Raila Odinga he was silenced, he went further to insult Atwoli, the cotu boss and today he decided to land on security personnel, throwing insults on them this was a great shame to a reputable and respectable leader like him.

Cleophas Malala should know that there are so many police officers who are graduates, some could not secure jobs after graduation and decided to join police service. Some of these police may even be more educated and Intelligent than him.

He should grow up,Policemen and women shouldn't be subjected to any form of public humiliation. He should withdraw this kind of Politics if he hopes to retain his sit and stay relevant in politics

I believe that this is an insult to the immediate men assigned to protect him, it's an insult to the police families and relatives who are voters and who on August will wake up in the morning to go and vote.

It seems Malala thrive in politics of Insults and violence,but he should learn early that,he is choosing the bad direction and will be the beginning of his downfall.

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