#BlackLivesMatter: Tears as a beautiful lady was SHOT in the EYES by police for Protesting(Photos)

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GEORGE FLOYD's death sparked the fury of anti-racist activists who have been taking to the streets of America for over two weeks to protest police brutality, only to be met with more violence. Protester Nia Love took to the streets of Sacramento, California, to join Black Lives Matter protesters over the last two weeks, when she was shot with a rubber bullet that caused her to lose vision from one eye. Speaking to the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire, Ms Love said: "I have to change my whole life around because of this injury.

She says the horrific injury was caused by police firing rubber bullets into the crowd, but the brave woman says she still does not regret protesting. "It's a pain that hurts so bad you can't even describe it, and the eye is already a sensitive part of the body, it felt like I got hit with a cannon. "As soon as it hit me it was pain, my eye swelled up, it was bloody, it was a lot." She added: "I don't want to get too graphic, but they said part of my eye were blown out."

The Black Community is recording more deaths even in the midst of the protest for racial revolution. We pray that one day, the American society would realise that there is only one race in the world, the HUMAN RACE!



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