Tonto Dikeh accuses Prince Kpokpogri of attempted murder and illegal custody of over 30 nude tapes.

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Everyday seems to just start with new stories from Tonto Dikeh and her ex-lover. The two seem to be in a fight that is not ending anytime soon.

Just recently, it was alleged that he was arrested together with his police escort after the whole struggle for possession of the Lexus SUV. Apparently, the fiasco is far from over as Tonto is visiting him with a lawsuit.

One of her fans was of the opinion that Tonto should let him have the car. She replied that the car is the list of her worries as she moves in better cars. She said that he just needs to answer for attempted murder. She alleges that he pointed a gun to her head.

She also said that he is in possession of over 30 s3x tapes that were recorded without the permission of the other partner. All of these are things that she plans to make him answer for.

It is just a wonder how Prince Kpokpogri moved from being unknown to being dragged under the public eye.

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