TSC Plans To Introduce An Application That Will Curb Chronic Absenteeism Of Teachers

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Teachers absenteeism was thought to have been curbed by the introduction of the mandatory daily lesson attendance registers that class secretaries fill for every lesson.

The forms entails the record of the time the teachers enter the class for the lesson, and also when they leave at the end of the lesson. However,the forms might be done away with in the near future as TSC is reportedly planning a new efficient way of executing its services.

Dr Nancy Macharia highlighted that the data entered by respective teachers indicate some signs of inconclusive information and might not reflect the actual manner in which teachers are delivering their noble duties at school level.

She added that the system upgrade on the TSC App is underway.The new system will see addition of online applications for several leaves,like study leave and maternity leave, just to name a few, to avoid paperwork applications,just like online transfers have been affected.

Besides TSC spokesperson also reiterated that the commission is on the verge of improving and including other features on the TSC Kenya app that could enhance effective monitoring of teachers on matters related to reporting on and off duty.

TSC app has come at a time when the commission is trying to digitize its services and in the current era of ever growing technology,every upgrade means improving from the previous system or addition of the new necessary features for effective service delivery.

The decision by TSC will enable it to execute its services effectively and efficiently to satisfy the needs of teachers beyond the grassroots level.

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