Orengo's Sheng Lights Up The Internet

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The Siaya senator Hon. James Orengo has lit the internet after he posted a sheng on his social media platform after he met with a section of the youthful artists yesterday. Sheng is that language which is being used by a majority of the Kenyan youth. It is a dynamic kind of a language which keeps on changing from time to time and within a short time.

"Mbogi Genje wamemuok na wakanipeleka na rieng'. Our artists play a key role in our society and I will always endeavor to support them. Hawa wagenje ni warena." James Orengo.

This is mostly a way most people especially those of age like the Hon. Senator will identify themselves with the youth since this kind of language is specifically for the young generation. This comes at the time when the vote hunt for the 2022 elections is gaining momentum and the political class is moving with speed to mobilise as they strategize and restrategize on the way forward since politics is dynamic.

The DP Ruto has pitched a three day camp in the My. Kenya region where he is going to meet all his allies from the region in Nanyuki to discuss their way forward as the On leader Raila Odinga has started making inroads in the region.

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