Group of Men Spotted in Bondo Town Conning Passersby


A group of men have been spotted near Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) Bank in Bondo Town. They own the vehicle with registration in the above picture, Voxy. Their motive is to con hardworking citizens from the village that visit this place every market day.

Whenever you pass they'll ask you if you have a Safaricom 4G registered line. A yes or no to them mean a target is found. They'll take you at the back of the car, with some folded pieces of paper (coupon like) and ask you to pick one, open, win and collect the item won.

"Hao wasee waliniita hapo wakaniuliza kama niko na line a Safaricom, kuwajibu sina, wakanipeleka nyuma ya gari nikapewa makaratasi nichague moja nifungue. Nilijishindia tablets mbili. Baadae wakaniambia niingie kwa gari nipokee ushindi yangu. Kuingia wakaniitisha elfu kumi na saba..." Narrated a victim.

[They inquired from me if I had a registered Safaricom line. I answered, No. They proceeded with me to back of the car to choose and open a piece among pieces of folded papers. I won two tablets. They ask me to get in the vehicle so they could award me my presents. They demanded kshs. 17000...]

Be careful to avoid being prey to such people. Report such cases to police station.