'This Is Where Some Body Parts Of The Female Whose Other Parts Were Seen In A Fridge Were Found

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People were left terrified by the horrific incident which occurred last week. A 26-year-old man invited his girlfriend over to his place, he decided to go and get something for them to eat by the shops. The girlfriend opened the fridge and made a damning discovery, she found human body parts in the fridge and she left the house immediately. She notified the law enforcement officers about the incident and the suspect knew that his secret has been exposed. He attempted suicide by cutting his hands and drinking jeyse fluid.


The neighbours realized that something was wrong and they rushed to rescue him, he was handed over to the law enforcement officers and given medical attention. Protea Glen residents were extremely terrified after hearing such news and they felt unsafe because they never knew that such incidents occur in their neighbourhood. A female skull has been found in a shallow grave near Glen Ridge and police believe it is linked to body parts that were discovered in a fridge in Protea Glen over the weekend.




This man is very evil, it shows that he committed this crime with passion and he wanted to make sure that this lady never finds rest. It is easy to tell if someone was triggered to commit an act and when they have been planning it for a long time. This man deserves the worst sentence because he has taken a life and that can never be reversed, family members will never heal after seeing how brutal the murder of their loved one was committed.


This young lady went through so much pain, watching someone ending her life in such a manner and after that she was cut into pieces. Justice must be served for this lady and her family members, this man must live to face the consequences of his actions.


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