Carl Niehaus Spits Fire After Kicked Out Of MK Veterans Conference

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Carl Niehaus, a former spokesperson for the Umkhonto Wesizwe Military Veterans Association, is enraged after he was expelled from the MK military veterans meeting in East London.

On his way to East London, Carl Niehaus had informed that the MK meeting was rife with corruption.

Niehaus was allegedly expelled because he tested positive for the COVID-19 antigen. The conference is rumored to have imposed stricter rules on who may and can't attend.

A mandatory COVID-19 vaccination test is required for all comrades who wish to attend the conference. According to the rumor mill, Carl Niehaus was thrown out of the league after testing positive for COVID-19.

Critics, on the other hand, claim that the MK veterans' leadership has been infiltrated by individuals who support Cyril's second term in office.

A steadfast critic of Cyril Ramaphosa's administration, Carl Niehaus' supporters argue that the MK veterans who support him were bound to find some method to remove him.

It was a "rotten banana republic" following the summit, Carl Niehaus stated after being expelled.

"There are plenty of pranks to go around at the MK Unification Conference in London's East End. Enforcing registration requirements such as a COVID-19 immunization certificate or a Covid test is prohibited under federal law "Niehaus was quoted as saying.

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He alleges that the decision to expel him from the conference had been in the works for some time, and that he felt like he was entering an apartheid-style prison.

"Everything had been pre-arranged. All of the workers at the testing center at the registration location were white men. We'd just entered an apartheid-era trap!

A dishonor of the highest order. This conference is a disgrace because of the utter lack of structure it has. To put it another way, the #DMV is an abject failure "he stated.

See carl/status/1519682505242288131?t=mrMJb71HpA&s=19 for more information.

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