After Allegedly Being Told They Do Not Board Disabled People, See How Man In Wheelchair Reacted Before Leaving The Airport

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The video of an angry disable man has gained much reactions from people after he was spotted destroying a property that belong to an airport called "DANA AIR" located in Abuja.

According the caption, it was reported that the angry man reacted that way because they told him that the airport do not board people with disability after he was allegedly delay for a long time.

Reporting from the video, the angry man could be seen in a place that looks like an office smashing a flat screen monitor against the table he was sitting close to, and at his other hand, his phone and a pieces of paper that looks like a boarding pass can also be seen

After he successfully destroyed that particular property, he left the office by rolling the wheel chair he was sitting out of the place. In the background, people could be heard asking him different question like "Wetin them do you?" In Pidgin English

However, many people have dropped their opinions via the comment section after the video was uploaded to Instagram and below are screenshots of some.

What's your take on this, Judging from this man's actions.

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