"Mbona Hujapiga Tatoo Ya Paula Au Wasafi" Rayvanny Asked About His New Tatoo By A Fan


Rayvanny is a Tanzanian singer, socialite, dancer, model, song writer, entrepreneur and business man.

He is a responsible father of one and a baby daddy to the Tanzanian fashionista, Fahyvanny whom they broke up few months ago.

The Tanzanian has today posted a photo in his Instagram page showing him back of the camera and on his right hand side of his neck tattooed Next Level Music.

Next Level Music (NLM) is his new label that was launched on April and Rayvanny being the CEO of the label. Having tattooed the name of his label on his body it shows his commitment and love in music.

On his post, many of his could not hold on but to ask him why he could not tattoo the name of his new girlfriend Paula or even his signed label of Wasafi. However, Rayvanny could not reply the fan's question but what i can say about his tattoo is that he might have done that to show his fans on how much he loves music than any other task.

Some of his fans reacted to the post with different comments and below is some screenshots of the comments:

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