Sim-Swap Fraudsters Runs with Ksh.597K from a Senior Police Officer

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Peter Mwanza, the officer incharge of Kasarani police division has fallen victim of a criminal activity. As per the report he gave, he stated that the amount was transferred from his bank account to M-pesa. He testified before magistrate Mary Mwendwa, describing the ordeal that took place on January 4, 2022, which he claims took only six hours.

Steps to Avoid Losing Money to Fraudsters

Anyone can fall a victim to lose money to criminals. The main question is, how do you avoid falling a victim to this criminals. To understand this, it is important to understand how sim-swap works.

Victims slowly gather your personal information such as password, emails and other registration details. This scammers will even send you emails pretending to be your service providers(like Safaricom or Airtel). Replying to this emails gives them the information that they need.

Using the details gathered, the criminals can 'trick' the service providers into renewing your simcard. This means that yours will be no longer in service and their's will be operational. In this way, the scammers can easily access your bank and M-pesa. To access the bank account, they will only need the OTP code sent to the simcard( which they are already in possession of) and other details they obtained through phishing.

To avoid this, it is important to avoid saving your personal details in the Web. Additionally, do not use weak passwords.For instance, do not use your date of birth as password or names. It is also important to ignore calls from strangers and remember service providers always use unique numbers to call their customers and they do not ask for personal details.

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