One Reason Why You Shouldn't Give Up in Life


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You may be going through hellfire but don't give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. However, if the conception of "Giving up" presses you hard, remember this and don't succumb.

Life is unpredictable. It is difficult to tell what will happen the next second. Things can turn in your favour or against you within a twinkling of an eye. This is one of the reasons why you should always stay positive and optimistic no matter what comes your way. You may be toiling each day hoping that your hassle yields good results. You put in all efforts expecting positive results. However, nothing of that sorts happens.

Not getting any good results from your hard work and toils is a bad experience. When it happens this way, giving up becomes the next option. Many people have given up doing one thing or the other because they couldn't harvest any good fruit from their hard labour. They don't push hard as they used to do because they are protecting their time, money and energy.

You may be having successive failures in a business or have failed an exam on so many occasions. Your money, energy and time might have been wasted trying to make your business thrust into the light. You may have been trying your best to offer the best of life to your children and other closest relatives. You've been trying your best to go abroad to seek greener pastures but to no avail.

Understand that life can be tough sometimes. You don't have to call it a quit the moment its bitter side hits you. Everything happens for a reason. Usually, we give up on our ambitions just as we are closer to achieving them. If you are hard-pressed to the point that you don't seem to have an interest in pursuing your dream, then, there is something I want to let you know. No successful person had it easy.

Life is about endurance. The best part of it awaits people who can endure horrible times and never give up. Attaining success in a business, education or any other isn't easy as you may think. If it were, everybody living under the scorching sun would be successful.

If the idea of surrendering constantly drops in your mind, don't quickly bow to it. Remember that you are a role model to some people in the community, at school, in the church, etc. in other words, Some people look up to you in the pursuance of their dreams and aspirations. They haven't given up on their desires because they see you haven't given up on yours.

Don't be the reason why they will be discouraged rather be the pillar of encouragement. Be that someone they see and are motivated to achieve what they desire regardless of the storms and thorns that tear them apart.

Can you do this?

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