Celebrities That Look Alike And Can Only Be Differentiated With Their Big 'Backside' And Curves

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The Ghanaian Entertainment industry is quite blessed with several good and beautiful female celebrities.

Whether in the music industry or in the movie industry there are numerous of these female artistes and actresses who making headlines within the country and even International.

This article will specially focus on some female celebrities in the country that lookalike mainly from a distance and very curvy but differences in their backside. They were chosen because they have all used a blonde hair in their day to day activities.

Let us take a look at three of these actresses and musician that are curvaceous and lookalike.

Ama Tundra

Ama Tundra is in no doubt a very talented actress, especially using her curvy stature to win several people to watch their comedy skits. She works with Dr. Like or Ras Nene.

From some pictures of hers, it is clearly noticed that she has a resemblance with some of the other actresses and celebrities in the industry.

Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor has lately been in the news for a lot of obvious reasons.

Some pictures and videos hers popped up where she was naked and other things but frankly speaking some of these pictures show how curvaceous she is. Abena Korkor is a TV presenter and works at TV3.


The Ghanaian female musician is one of the best musician in the country. The daddy little girl hitmaker is a lady with curves and a very beautiful lady.

Her blonde hair and looks also make her look like Abena Korkor and the rest of them discussed in the article.


It is obvious to include her to other celebrities because she she is curvaceous lady and her blonde type of hair out her in the category of lookalike celebrities.

She is an actress and also features in Ras Nene's comedy skits.

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