Saraki Advises Nigerian youths not to contest in 2023 elections.

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Former Senate President of the Nigerian National Assembly, Bukola Saraki, has given a piece of advice to any Nigerian youths nursing the ambition of contesting for any political office in 2023 to jettison the plan.

According to him, it was already too late for such persons to stand any chance of winning an election in the country, owing to the rigidity of the system. In view of this, Saraki said he would not even want any youth with a sound mind to contest for political offices at this present time in Nigeria. The reason he adduced was that the youths still possess some good values which would be corrupted before they would win election.

His words:" You have to give up some good values that you have to be able to be competitive. It is too late to win election. I will be very honest with you. The system is too rigid against you. You are a young guy, you don't have money or network where are you going to start from?

"I don't even want you to (that is contest) because you still have some good values. I don't want you to be corrupted because for you to win, you have to give up some good values that you have to be able to be competitive.We don't want that because your generation will be as bad as ours. Let's keep you where you are for now, for those who are not yet corrupted".

Going by this assertion by the former Senate President during an Independence lunch with various Nigerian youths in Abuja, does it really mean the current Nigerian political system has no men of good virtues?

What are your thoughts on this?

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