Worrying Details As Death Troll Rises Following Record-Breaking Heavy Rains


It is really a hard time for residents and netizens of Henan province in Central China as record breaking heavy rains are experienced in the place.

The rain is bring described as the heaviest rain in sixty years. The rains are being witnessed as a dam near Zhengzhou city burst.

According to an update by China Xinhua News, the death trool from the torrential rains has risen to 25. In addition, seven people are still missing.

Screenshot of a post on Facebook by China Xinhua News

Below are some of the photos showing the current situation in Henan.

Floods in Henan following the heavy rains

It is a time we need to stand with our friends, brothers and sisters who live in China. May God protect them from the effects of the floods.

Rest in peace to souls who lost their lives as a result of the heavy rains.

Kindly drop a word of prayer to people in China.

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