I'm no Longer Nana Agradaa I have accepted Jesus: My new name is Evavangelist Patricia Koranteng.


Controversial fetish priestess Nana Agradaa, known in private life as Patricia Asieduaa,was reportedly released from police custody not long ago after she was picked up some few days ago.

It is not known exactly when Agradaa was released from the police cells but she was spotted earlier today and everything suggests she has been bailed.

The video has Agradaa and her husband visiting the boutique of fashionista and businessman, Richard Brown a.k.a. Osebo.

Her arrest has been hailed by many Ghanaians because of the alarming rate at which people were complaining that ,the controversial and self styled fetish priestess had dupped them.

Her arrest came as result of the increasing cases of money doubling, occultic and spiritual activities that were taking over our television screens and luring the youth into get rich quick schemes

The fetish priestess this afternoon organized a press conference to brief the media about her arrest and matters arising.

Many Ghananians were then left surprised when the self acclaimed fetish priestess stated emphatically that,she is now a new person and has now accepted Jesus Christ as her lord and personal saviour.

She added that,she is no longer called Nana Agradaa and that her new name is evangelist Patricia Koranteng.

She stated further that ,she is now going to fully dedicated all her life to the work of God.

She said she was particularly very grateful to God for using her arrest as a turning point in her life. The fetish priestess stormed the press conference venue with a huge Bible in her hands .

She said she will particularly lead a group of pastors to go and get rid of all her gods and the other materials in her possession that she was using in her Idol worshipping.

This has triggered outrage among Ghanaians on social media and other online platforms. Many Ghananians are of the view that,she is using this as a yardstick to cover her shame as a result of her arrest.

Others also are of the view that, irrespective of the fact that she has accepted Christ,all monies she has illegally collected from people must be paid back to the owners.

It is very pathetic in Africa,one of our biggest problems is religion. After dupping people for years,they now run and hide under religion in order to escape punishment.

It is good she has accepted Christ but she must be punished according to the laws of the country she has flouted.

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