Remedy For Ovulation And Chance Of Conception


Childlessness brakes matrimonial home. It could make the man to bring a new wife even if he is not willing to.

It happened to my mother; Dad brought home a new wife when it took my mum too long to conceive. My Dad waited for years but my mother's womb refused to produce gestation. He just had to get another wife.

Delay of pregnancy is a frustrating one. No woman will pray to have such experience. But if it happens, you can't help, you just have to be looking for a way to get out of the rut.

But the truth of the matter is, it is God that gives child. Although one needs to try different solutions within her capability but still, child is only produced from heaven.

Similarly, God does use our strive and prayer to grant our desire. He is not a cruel God it just that his dealing with us at times and the reasons behind his action might not be within our understanding. But if we keep trying and hoping in him, he will grant us our heart desire.

Here today, I would like to share with you a simple herbal solution for delay of pregnancy. It's a tested and trusted remedy for ovulation and chance of conception.

Most women who are trying to conceive don't ovulate and It's possible not to ovulate,but you see your period. It's called Anovulatory cycle.

Today am talking about 2 fertility leaves known as;

1. Fertility leaf ( Ewe Akoko)

2. Hog plum leaf ( Ewe Iyeye)


If you are the type that has this challenges, or know a person with this issue, all you need to do, is to get enough leaves of these wonderful plants, rinse with clean water to avoid any kinds of contamination, then put them in a clean pot, add water then cook for just five (5 - 10mins).

Dosage- Take a full glass cup twice daily that is one cup in the morning and night. 

Do this till you see positive results. May God answer our depest prayer in Jesus (Amen).

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