Ghana Could End Up In Paying Judgement Debts Again- Chief Biney


Communication member of the National Democratic Congress, Chief Biney has sent out another message to Ghanaians informing them that if care is not taken, Ghana could end up paying another judgement dept again as the government is focused in fighting against Galamsey in the country which he is in full support of but government must do something to have solid laws governing it.

According to Chief Biney on social media today, Monday, 17th May, 2021, Government's decision to fight illegality with illegality at mining site's (galamsey) will only end up in paying Judgement debts again after referring to example of such situation that happened before in the past when NPP led government by President, Nana Akufo-Addo was fined to pay 1billion judgement debt to someone in the country.

Some people has raised alarm that the military men leading the fight against Galamsey are burning some excavators illegally in some mining areas as they continue their mission to help the government stop Galamsey.

Chief Biney revealed that Government of Ghana is burning excavators at galamsey site's in the name of executive directives which is not supported by law.

He said that everybody believe in the operation stop illegal mining (galamsey) but it must be backed by law to achieve the purpose of the operation in the country.

He questioned that suddenly government has forgotten about the payment of Judgement debt to a member of the ruling party(NPP) who is currently a regional chairman? "My question is, are we not suppose to learn from our past mistakes as a country?" He sought to explain.

He said "I believe we ought to, that is the more reason why the current Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government must be more transformational in leadership with the fight against illegal mining by putting a halt to the burning of excavators, and encourage the Attorney general's department to go for an order from the court to put those excavators to a better use".

He questioned again that are the excavators being burnt today because in the past government couldn't account for "confiscated" excavators?

Chief Biney said it is sad and added that "if the President can't trust his appointees with confiscated excavators how can we trust him in the fight against galamsey". 

"Your thoughts are needed without insult please!" He called on Ghanaians to share their idea about what he said on his facebook wall.