Ramaphosa to chair a meeting with covid19 national command council tonight

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Cyril Ramaphosa must vacate that office. Opposition parties must Recall that hired president, Cyril Ramaphosa is the worst president this country has ever had.

Cyril ramaphosa is a puppet who is abusing public office. Nobody elected him to dictate his will on us. Everything under his leadership is all about covid19 this covid19 that, there has never been a moment where he's addressing inequalities and economic recovery plan.

How does the ANC pick their leaders, because year in, year out. I can't seem to find ANYONE that likes Cyril Ramaphosa or Fikile Mbalula.

For a young chap, Mbalula sounds like a senile old geezer, with zero ability to feel the mood on the ground. You'd swear they do this on purpose.

This government must implement new labor laws policies that will enforce private sector to hire 95% South Africans. The only Family Meeting that we expect from Cyril Ramaphosa is the economic recovery plan not this nonsense of instilling fear about new variant.

How did the virus 🦠 knew that Cyril Ramaphosa needed to campaign then it rush down in number to allow campaigns and vote for 4 weeks then sometimes later, it decided to rise again? Now 4weeks later the number is rise, So this virus takes 8weeks to change and it thinks like me.

The one will say: this virus took time to develop! I agree with that, but tell me the virus also know that we were done with votes and we as ordinary people have nothing important to do so the virus says: hey you ordinary people screws you! I’m locking you up!

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