According to your star sign this is how you should ask your favorite signs out

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Be careful with what you say, they're sensitive and are likely to misunderstand something you say and feel awkward. They most likely will want to negotiate things


Let them talk about everything, and say how much you care. They need to make sure you care about them and know how difficult they can be at times. They want a serious relationship, with someone they can trust with their issues


Just be straight up. They find it really difficult to make decisions for themselves, so you telling them you love them will really make up their mind


Make sure you aren't too forward. They are SUPER sensitive and can determine something you said wrong and never speak to you again


Be cute and flirtatious. They're really sweet people who love the feeling of being appreciated just for being alive. Warm fuzzy words will make their hearts melt


Be funny, crack a joke or two. Being quite comedic people, they need to make sure that you can take a joke and harsh banter


Make sure you're letting them know about everything you love about them. They are really self conscious, so make sure you're making the first move and letting them know you really care about every aspect of them


Be honest and give them to think. They're very deep people who have a lot on their mind. It may seem like you've been rejected at first, but an intimate relationship is all they need at the moment


Just say it. Don't put in too much effort because they think they feel the same, until about a week into a relationship they want everything that you don't have. Have fun while it lasts and make sure to do things you want


They're a tough nut to crack. They think they wouldn't be able to do anything that would make you happy. Let them know that they're the one for you and you wouldn't want anyone else


Make sure to be raw and open. You want to make sure that they see you as the person you are, not someone else. They want to know the person they fell in love with is still themself


Negotiate things, a deep thinker, they need time to see if a relationship will affect other things already occurring in their life. Let them know that you always give them the time they need to themself - which is frequent

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