Best Types Of Shoes Plus-Size Ladies Can Slay With


It's every person's desire to appear attractive after wearing their favorite shoes, but sometimes we fail to appear atractive due to lack of knowledge on what appear best on us. The following are best types of shoes for plus-size ladies.


For any woman who does not necessarily feel comfortable wearing a high heel of any sort, the wedge is a great option for you. Wedges combine the height of a stiletto with the stability of a platform. If you are new to higher-heeled shoes in general, starting off with a wedge can be a less intimidating way to ease into the idea.


Sandals are probably one of the most widely-worn styles of footwear out there. From ancient monks in India to supermodels on New York runways, sandals have an incredibly wide array of fans. With so many versions out there, it seems like the sandal will never stop reinventing itself.


High heels are the standard in feminine footwear. From the classic pumps to trend-setting stilettos, heels have always been a staple in a modern woman’s wardrobe. Heels for plus size has evolved over time and become even more appealing to women as newer, more practical options are emerging.


When we think of sneakers, the classic runner’s version is usually what pops into our heads. The goofy shape, unnecessary accents and less-than desirable color choices. Definitely not the most stylish shoes we have ever seen. The unfortunate bulky and typically masculine design led so many women to stray away from this style of shoe. But not to fear ladies, there is hope! Fashionable, comfortable plus-size shoes do exist.