DP Ruto says the High Court has no power to remove him from the office.

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Report just released by the Star Kenya states that the deputy president William Ruto has said the high court had no power to remove him from the office.

A case was filled by Karungia seeking William Ruto to be removed from his office for absconding his duties. Karungia claims Ruto has abdicated his constitutional role as the principal assistant to the President.

The deputy president claims the the case filed seeking to remove him from the office is politically motivated.

The second in command further stated that the High Court has no powers to remove him from the office. He however said that he can only be impeached by the parliament.

''The question of the removal of the deputy president from office is a business expessly reserved for the legislative arm of the government. This court lacks power to issue the orders sought. The suit offends the doctrine of separation of powers." Ruto said.

He also asked the high court to dismiss the case on the ground of jurisdiction.

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