Tuesday, Wednesday And Thursday's English Premier League Fixtures


The premier league action will continue this week with some fixtures scheduled to take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively.The fixtures will be as follows;

Tuesday's Fixture.

One match will be played;

1.Manchester city vs Wolves @ 11pm.

Mancity are still unbeaten in their last 14 matches and they will host wolves at the Etihad stadium.City are still leading with 62 points leaving number two with 12 points.

Wednesday Fixtures.

1.Burnley vs Leicester city @ 9pm.

Both teams lost their last matches and will be hoping to bounce back.Burnley lost to Spurs (4-0) while leicester lost to Arsenal ( 3-1).

2.Sheffield United vs Aston villa @ 9pm.

Sheffield are still struggling in the bottom while villa are looking for a place in the top ten and four.

3.Crystal Palace vs Manchester United @11.15pm

Both teams drew in their last matches . United will be looking to winning this after suffering a huge loss to Palace in the first leg.

Thursday's Fixtures.

1.Fulham vs Tottenham Hotspurs @ 9pm.

2.West brom vs Everton @ 9pm.

3.Liverpool vs chelsea @ 11.15pm.

Both teams are looking for place in the top four and this Thursday they meet at the Anfield stadium .The difference between the two teams is one point.chelsea are fifth with 44 points while Liverpool are sixth with 43 points.This will be a tough one.

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