“I can’t wait for Maria & Pere to be up for eviction” -Boma

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Boma made this statement during a discussion with JackieB in the head of the house room.

Boma and JackieB both discussed the twist in the nomination for this year. Boma said he thought everyone was going to vote but the Wildcards will not be up for nominations.

Boma went on to say he can't wait for them to be up for evictions because people are ready to vote for them. Except they have a strong fan base outside of the house.

JackieB also said the housemates are already whispering they can't wait for Sunday to come.

This got fans talking on social media. The first set of fans were of the opinion Big brother will always come up with new twists so people don't get used to it.

The second set of fans were of the opinion Boma is always real to himself. He knows what he came to the house to do.

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