Why Wedding Ring is Worn on The Fourth Finger of The Left Hand


If you are keen enough, it is almost certain you have observed that wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger on the left hand, widely referred to as the "ring finger". There is a reason behind this choice which dates back in the olden days.

It has been argued that there is a blood vein which runs direct from the heart to the ring finger. This made people believe that putting ring on this finger would strengthen the bond between partners. Unlike the scientists who believe that love resides in the mind, the ancient people believed lives in our hearts which they viewed as the center of our emotions.

This norm was adopted and it currently widely practiced by various communities and religion globally. Having the ring in the finger symbolises partners commitment to the vows made to each other during their wedding.

That is how the fourth finger on the left hand was identified a the most suitable finger to put on the wedding ring. Scientists however believe the work of the heart is to pump blood.

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