PHOTOS: Caster Semenya married a beautiful woman, Take a look at his family with kids

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It is indeed true when they say that love does not check who you are, love does not discriminate by gender or personal disability, true love does not check a family background and the financial stability of the person. When two people are truly in love with each other, the above factors does not influence them.

The Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya is one of the most controversial Runner. The star has been dragged almost her entire career for her gender. Most of people couldn't believe due to her physique that she is a woman. Even went to a point that, at the Olympics. They even took the matter to court.

Caster Semester found love and married to the love of your life in 2015. Caster Married Violet Rasebola in a beautiful White wedding that caught the whole country by storm. In 2017, Caster announce that her wife is heavily pregnant and they are expecting their first child. The to welcomed a healthy baby girl is 4 years old and will be 5 years old in 2022.

The previous year, Caster also announced that her wife is pregnant again. Then in December 2021, Caster and wife welcomed their second baby. Caster and Violet truly love each other to a point that they even gushes their love on social media platforms.

It is without a doubt that the true are indeed a match made in Heaven. It's been 6 years following their marriage and still they are happily enjoying their marriage without any scandals in their Union. Caster is serving by an example as a public figure and celebrate that, it is important to make a family as a first priority.

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