“I can’t do this anymore: I’m craving a boyfriend,” says well known South African influencer

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Mihlali Ndamese, a well-known South African influencer, has turned to Twitter to divulge some fairly unusual information, which looks to have piqued the curiosity of many South Africans who follow her on Twitter. Mihlali Ndamese does not require an introduction because she is well-known throughout the country.

Mihlali Ndamese, meantime, has said on her official Twitter account that she is looking for a boyfriend. There are some alarming indications that many individuals reacted quickly to Mihlali Ndamese's words on her official Twitter account.

Mihlali Ndamese, a well-known South African social media influencer, claimed on her Twitter account, "I'm desiring a partner hey, I simply want to date people." Please take me off the streets; I can't do it anymore."

Ndamase rose to prominence in South Africa as a celebrity due to the cosmetic tips she provided on YouTube. Her enthusiasm for beauty, make-up, and skincare products has led to opportunities to work with prominent companies such as Benefit Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, and NYX Professional Makeup.

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