Opinion: Angel Misunderstood The Look On Whitemoney's Face When She Got Back Into The House

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During the last eviction show, Angel and Pere were evicted from the BBNaija house but they were not evicted from the show. After they left the main house, the both of them were put in a room where they were to play a game in order to decide who would go back into the house as a finalist and who would leave the show permanently.

After the game was played, the effort put into the game by Angel and Pere was rewarded by Big Brother sending both of them back into the house as finalists on the Big Brother Naija "Shine Ya Eyes" edition.

When they both entered the house, Liquorose, Emmanuel and Cross rushed to hug them and express happiness about their return to the house. However, Whitemoney was very surprised by the twist Big Brother played by reintroducing Angel and Pere as finalist. This surprised caught him in the moment when other housemates were busy gushing over the return of Angel and Pere.

Angel however saw the look on Whitemoney's face and she later called Pere into the room and told Pere that she noticed Whitemoney was not happy to see them rretun to the house. During their diary session today, she also told Biggie that she feels Whitemoney is not too happy about her return as a finalist.

Personally, I feel Angel misunderstood the look on Whitemoney's face. The look was that of "surprise" and not "unhappiness". Anyone would be surprised to see housemates who you thought had been evicted, return into the house suddenly.

What do you think about how Whitemoney reacted when he saw Angel and Pere return into the house?

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