Grief As Police Officer Shoots Husband, Then Commits Suicide After A Suspected Relationship Squabble

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Residents of Kiminini have been left in shock after a police officer shoots her husband and then commits suicide after a domestic squabble.

The officer attached to Kiungani Police Station went to the armory and left with a pistol. On reaching home, she started an argument with her husband which later turned tragic.

According to a neighbor who requested anonymity, the policewoman has been accusing her husband of infidelity. On the day of the incident, the officer questioned her husband as to why he didn't sleep in their house the previous night. The two started throwing words at each other for a while before silence engulfed their house.

A Gunfire was then heard followed by another a few moments later. Neighbors who were nearby rushed to the scene only to find the couple lying lifelessly in a pool of blood on the ground.

The neighbors informed the colleagues of the policewoman who arrived at the scene and took the bodies to the Kitale County Referral morgue awaiting autopsy.

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