Checkout the melons, beads and backside of Kasoa BJ girl in a video.

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For about two weeks ago, the story making waves on social media has been a girl who comes from Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana. She is known as @lil_mermaid on her social media page. She went to the night club to give BJ to guys and that video is trending a lot.

She recently released a video apologising to her mum and dad that, they should forgive her for what she did and she did not think about the consequences attached to that video before doing it. She also said that, she does not know the video will trend like that.

There was a lot of negative comments from the users of internet with regards to what she did in the night club. We all thought that she has now turned into a new leaf. To our surprised, she has ones again broadcasted video of herself dancing to Akuapem Poloo's new track which her melons, beads and backside can be seen in the video.

There has been a lot of comments from netizens about the video posted by her. Some are saying what she is doing does not promote good moral values so she should try her best and put a stop to it. Some are also saying it is bad to trend on social media with negative attitude.

Click on the link below to watch the video. As a reader, what advice do you have for her? Kindly like, share, comments and follow me to get more of my articles to read.

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