Look what a Nyaope boy did to these truckers, after they caught him stealing from a moving truck.

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Currently, we have a video that has been trending on social media, and many individuals are connecting with it. The video depicts a Nyaope boy who was caught daylight collecting metals from a moving truck. As seen on the video, nyaope lads are not afraid to die in order to satisfy their addiction, which has shocked a great number of people.

According to reports, the man caught stealing from a moving truck intended to transfer the stolen metals to a scrap yard. Many individuals on the street believe that all drug traffickers must be arrested because they are destroying the futures of our loved ones. The man was able to mount the truck while it was in motion and toss the metals onto the road.

As the number of drug users continues to rise, it is evident that crime in South Africa can never be eradicated, given the current state of the environment. This will only cease if the cops stop accepting bribes from the drug dealers and concentrate on executing their jobs well. The Nyaope boy stole the metals, and when he got off the truck, he began to fight with the truck drivers as they drove away. It appears that he did not want any disruptions to the assignment he was supposed to complete.

This is tragic because there were so many oncoming automobiles on the same route where he was tossing the metals. It has been reported that when these individuals are in need of this substance, they are unable to think clearly and this situation may kill them without their knowledge. So many people on social media claiming that the drug was not designed to be smoked by humans due to the possibility that they would act irrationally.

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