Mzansi Feel Sorry For This Lady After She's Seen Doing This With Her Hair See What Left Them Talking

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Mzansi Feel Sorry For This Lady After She Was Seen Doing This With Her Hair. See What Left People Talking In Social Media. See In Pictures 

Source: Fact Zambia2 Facebook page

Mzansi has been feeling sorry for this lady after her pictures went viral in leaving many people's with mixed reactions. There is a picture of a woman which is currently circulating in social media. The lady is seen planting her hair but mzansi were not impressed with her hair style.

The lady has hidden her face after hairstyle dresser plaiting her half hair. People have reacted in a picture of the lady which is seen with bold head. Many people has taken to social media to comment negative about the hair. Many people have been telling the lady to accept and avoid plaiting that because further strain on her scalp. Many people have been encouraging the lady to shave it off and keep hair short and wear wigs, turbans or hats. Many people are wondering if she have hair on that bald part before or it's came out now that she's old. The woman have tiny possibility she can get it all started up. 

Sometimes biology go wrong and strange things happen to women. Her body must have carried some male genes from her bloodline. Many people does not understand the diseases of hair coming out. Those who knows they call it alopecia. Many people who are living with this disease have taken steps to accept and now living without hair. It's ’s not easy to accept but it looks like if you are bold and you have no roots which will make it almost, if not impossible for hair to grow. It's always advised that people living with this diseases should cut off hair off completely.

what advice can you give to someone with this kind of condition. Let's Sagres your thoughts and opinions as it might help someone out them.

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