Another Footballer? Junior Khanye & Andile Jali's ex-GF finds LOVE

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Football is an interesting sport, one minute you are dribbling past your opponents and in turn scoring incredible goals. Off the field then you meet this beautiful woman and after going out with her you learn that she has previously dated your colleague.

PSL footballers are famous for being players of note as they tend to attract beautiful women but a number of these athletes have been beaten at their own game.

Dating an elite footballer in South Africa can easily elevate any woman's status, from being an unknown individual to a public figure. It is the case with South African beauty Dipuo Maloi who dated former Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Junior Khanye during his heydays but their relationship only became knowledge recently.

As most PSL footballers tend to move from one woman to the next, many of these beautiful women have vowed to never date within the industry as it always end in tears. Having the opportunity to mingle with some of the well footballers in the country, the Soweto born beauty would also have the opportunity to date Andile Jali and the pair were even blessed with a son, making us believe that they were together for some time.

As of late Dipuo Maloi has since taken to IG to share that she has finally found love. In her post she has shared a picture kissing a mystery man and in turn hiding his identity. Miss Maloi has further went to pen a beautiful letter where she went to reveal that, " I'm wearing the smile that he gave me. Dating my best friend is the best thing ever". At this point in time it is not known if this mystery is another footballer as Miss Maloi has proven she has a thing for these athletes.

Many of her fans and followers on IG have since went to congratulate her on finding love.

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