"A Famous TV Presenter Wanted 'Sexual Favours' so that she can Support My Music" Magix Enga Says

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Magix Enga has again caused stir online, this is after he openly agreed with Sanaipei Tande's allegations that their are some Tv presenters, hosts, promoters and Dj's who always demand for sexual favours from musicians so that they can be able to support their music.

Magix Enga said that he has personally experienced, and one of the famous Tv presenter in Kenya, wanted him to sleep with her, so that she can be able to support his music by playing it frequently on her show. Magix said that he denied it and decided to promote his music using his own platform.

He said that both male and female musicians go through this type of harassment, and this thing has been happening in the entertainment industry for a long time and it will continue to happen if not well addressed. Magix said that he is back in the music industry, and he will completely change the industry.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.


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