Yemi Alade Seeks Opinion Over DP

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Yemi Alade is a beautiful singer who has millions of fans from around the world who adores her for her beautiful music. The beautiful singer in her new post did well in ensuring she made use of her fan base to some great effect, after sharing two lovely images of herself and asking them which she should use for her Instagram display photo.

The images posted by her are both actually truly lovely and gorgeous, with the only difference being one is a wide shot that displayed her whole body, while the other is a very close shot that made her fuller and will definitely give her followers a direct recognition of her identity without taking a second look, which will really be nice, but its all just the same photos with different dimensions.

Looking at the images that are both bone of contention proves that the Johnny crooner is a very beautiful and alluring personality, who is such a beauty to behold, as both images could suffice as a beautiful DP, but there is no denying the fact that she will definitely elicit some great feelings of joy within her fan base, who will be joyed knowing they were important in choosing such a great image for her whenever they see her DP.

Images credit: Yemi Alade Instagram page.

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