RIP: The Nollywood Industry Has Lost 8 Stars In The Space Of 4 Months In 2021(photos)


It's so sad to wake up on a beautiful morning and the first thing you see on your newsfeed is about the death of a Nollywood star who died for some cause. We are only in the fourth month of 2021, and the Nollywood industry has already lost eight stars.

Death is unavoidable; it is part of the natural human experience that we must all go through. What counts is just time, and when it runs out, you are long gone to the land of the dead. It doesn't matter how poor, wealthy, or what you've accumulated in this life; it won't save you from dying. So be ready for it!

Below are 12 Nollywood stars who have sadly passed away since January to date.

1. Mrs. Folake Aremu.

A veteran and vibrant Nollywood actress, popularly known as Orisabunmi because of her appearance as a princess in the 1987 television series, died on January 5, 2021, in Ibadan, Oyo state.

She is 61 years old and from Kwara province. It was heartbreaking to learn of her death because she will be sorely missed by Nigerians.

2. Jim Lawson Maduike.

It was a heartbreaking moment when we learned of the death of this old Nollywood star; he reportedly died days after complaining of body pain. He died on the 8th of January, 2021.

Jim Lawson will be missed, particularly in the role of a king, which he frequently plays in the films for which he is cast. Please accept my condolences.

3. David Mela.

On January 11th, 2021, this handsome man died of an unexplained ailment. Please accept my condolences.

4. Sotonye green.

It was heartbreaking to learn of the death of this stunning and upcoming actress from Covid-19 complications after being denied admission to the Yaba isolation center in Lagos. She passed away on January 15, 2021.

5. Edyth Obianuju.

She died on June 22, 2021, after pleading for money online to cure her ailments.

6. Dan Nkoloagu.

An elderly Nollywood actor who is mainly known for the part he plays in movies either as a herbalist or a leader in the king's cabinet died on the 22nd of February, 2020. Please accept my condolences.

7. Ernest Asusuzi.

Ernest. Asusuzi faced adversity before passing away. Unfortunately, he fell asleep and never awoke on January 27, 2020.

8. Bruno Iwuoha.

Three weeks after being in a coma, the most respected celebrity in the Nollywood industry died. In Nollywood films, he mostly plays the roles of a father and a herbalist. He will be sorely missed on our television screens.

9. Rachel Bakam.

She officially died on April 13, 2021, in a private hospital after a brief illness. She was a television host, a journalist, an actress, and an anti-human trafficking advocate.

RIP Nollywood Lagends.

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