The line up Chelsea FC may use next season

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The various leagues will resume to actions in a few moments ahead of us and some of the teams are trying to come up with some line up next season. One of these teams I would like to talk about is the Chelsea FC. During this pre season the club has been defeated in their last two matches.

The club may enter the league with this potential line up. The line up would be the 3-4-3 formation.Which the club with their manager Thomas Tuchel would come up with next season.


Mendy will be their first goalkeeper who will be in their goal post.


Featuring their new signings. Starting from the back with Koulibaly ,Alonso and Silva.


Kante , Kovacic, Reece James and Ben Chiwell as their midfielders.


Sterling who will play as their left wing and Mount as their right wing and last Kai Havertz starting as their arrow header.

So we need to look forward to seeing the club performing better than next season encounter

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