Checkout Nigeria's Best Selling Songs


In the Nigerian Entertainment industry, Music is one area that has proven to the world that Nigerians got bags of talent. Talented artist like Davido, Wizkid and recently Burna Boy have made music with top American artist which has in turn make Nigeria more recognize in the music world.

With the knowledge I have about marketing in the music industry, making music with top American artists will definitely bring more profit to the artists. For example, if Davido features a big American artist like Drake in his music, it will attract more sales online because people who download that particular music will not only be Nigerians but from around the world. Drake in the music will attract more listeners.

Among all the Nigerian artist, Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy are more recognize at the international level and their songs have been the top selling songs online. So, let us see a short list of Nigeria's best selling songs.

1. Wizkid - Come Closer

Come closer was produced by Sarz. According to wikipedia, the song was recorded in 2016 but released in 2017. The song was released as the third single from Wizkid's third studio album, Sounds from the Other Side. Wizkid featured Drake in the song. In terms of sales, the song had:

- UK Platinum (600,000 sales)

-USA Gold (500,000)

-Canada Platinum (80,000)

-Australia Gold (35,000)

2. Davido - IF

IF is one of the Davido best selling music singles. It was released in February 17, 2017. The lyrics and the beats is what made everyone love this particular jam. The song has been recorded as one of the best Nigerian music as it sold;

- US Gold (500,000)

- SA Diamond (200,000)

Davido's Fall was also a big hit as record show that it made the following sales: US Gold (500,000), 2x Platinum in SA (40,000). Davido's Fall is also Gold in Canada (40,000 sales).

Burna Boy and Wizkid recently won the Grammy's award. I feel winning this award will in turn expose Nigeria music industry the more. We hope for more wins.