Why Mr beast is the best Youtuber

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Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known online as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has been credited with pioneering a genre of YouTube videos that center on expensive stunts. His main videos mainly major on giving away lots of money. His main channel is running at 50.2 million subscribers, making it the second most subscribed channel owned by an individual first being Felix's youtube channel known as pewdiepie which is currently at 108 million subscribers! Mr beast earns a total revenue of about ninety million dollars from his main channel, and his gaming channel known as 'mrbeast gaming' and from selling his mrbeast merch from the store. In the next seven to ten years, Jimmy will be a billionaire from youtube! And he will give more money as he always does If you haven't watched his videos yet, you better check them out here:https://youtube.com/c/MrBeast6000

He is the best youtuber you can ever Imagine of, doing incredible things and who actually invests in his videos!

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