Fans go bananas over Blue Mbombo's birthday glow pictures.

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There's no glow that is compared to a birthday glow. It doesn't matter if you love celebrating your birthday or not but the fact that you are turning a year old just brings a different glow. A glow of a new start and a new year. It is a sign of celebrating life.

Blue Mbombo is a former reality star turned model and businesswoman. She has a business with her twin sister Brown called Kwa Mbombo. It's a cleaning company that does everything in the house. She's also part of the Moziak magazine. Which is one of the successful magazines in the country.

She also works with brands when she's not doing her everyday work. She recently celebrated her birthday and as always her and Brown threw a beautiful birthday celebration. The theme this year was chilled one as they were in flats. She shared pictures looking amazing in her shorts and shirt.

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