Spiritual Meaning Of Driving A Car In Dream


Do you have a car in the real life? If yes, then dreaming about driving a car might be an open revelation to you. If you dream of driving your car , it signify that you are on a very important mission that is likely to announce you mightily. If you dreamed about a car driving towards you and crashing into you, such a dream might signify a terrible accident will locate you.

On the other side, you discover your car was stolen, or you simply didn’t know where you parked it, then it is telling you that such car might not last. It could be a sign that armed robber will take it away from you. Just be very observant of the place you parked your car at all times. If you dream about someone you know being in a car accident and killed, such a dream is a very bad sign.

This dream might signify dead, or the end of happiness with that person or the dreamer as the case maybe. You have to fast and pray for 3 days 6am to 3pm using Psalm 51 and Psalm 91. But if you are driving a brand new car, praise God and pray that God should manifest his blessing in your life. In this case, do 7 days midnight prayers and sow a seed towards that revelation.

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