Top 5 Dirtiest Players in the History of Premier League

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Football, a sport with enthusiastic athletes and fans who respectfully support their teams and congratulate the opposition, even if they lose. We all know that does not always happen. While most of the football world lives on and off the field according to the rules of fair play and sports, there are players who give nothing and do their own thing. Some do it shamelessly, so that everyone can see it; others became masters at hiding their unannounced actions. No matter how they approach it, the two have one thing in common. These are 'dirty players', who are despised by most fans and other players. In this article we look at five players who have earned their place in my list of the 5 dirtiest players in Premier League history.

5. Paul Scholes

We start on our list of the 4 most discussed players in Premier League history; now retired Paul Scholes, who recently took over Oldham Athletic as their new manager. Paul Scholes began his football career in the Manchester United youth group, where he stayed between 1991 and 1993 until he had to play in the senior group, where he stayed for 20 years until he decided to retire in 2013. In 499 games he played Scholes on the United shirt, and he scored 107 goals and was admired by many because of his excellent footballing prowess, which made him look like he could do anything. He even got a nickname "Ninja Ginger", which as ridiculous as it may seem, was the real name for this explosive midfielder. Despite his phenomenal performances with the club, however, he was notorious as one of the dirtiest players in Premier League history. This was apparently one of the biggest problems that contributed to the downfall of Scholes as a promising player. While he was still a good player, his dangerous treats sometimes seemed to have a potential for malice. Due to his dangerous attacks, Scholes has amassed a total of 97 yellow cards in his career, making him a player with the fourth yellowest cards in Premier League history. And this number does not contain cards in international competitions, nor do they match the cups.

This is just one example of a great player, whose name has been damaged by the numerous bookings he has received and a name he has made for himself as a result of his actions.

4. Kevin Davies

Former professional goal scorer and player for Chesterfield, Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, Millwall, Bolton Wanderers and Preston North End, Kevin Davies won his place in our country at No. 4, which is only right if he has 99 yellow cards in his 22-year career in the Premier League. As an interesting fact, Kevin Davies has played a total of 689 games for 7 clubs and has collected 444 appearances in the Premier League. In 444 games, Davies has committed 605 offenses, second among all players in Premier League history. He was known for his physical style of play, which caused him to make many mistakes. On the other hand, he was also one of the players who dedicated himself many times. I think we can say "what comes around". However, his surprising number of mistakes and his extremely physical approach to the game deserved his place as my choice 4.

3. Lee Bowyer

I do not expect any player to be friendly with opponents. I also have to be the 'enemy' at the end of the day, for those 90 minutes. Fighting your opposition is one thing, but Lee Bowyer has taken it too far. He was just ... a violent player you did not want to reason with. And while he was a player that opponents tended to avoid, Lee Bowyer took it a step further and fought his teammate. The most iconic match was undoubtedly Bowyer vs Dyer which took place in a Premier League match between Newcastle and Aston Villa in 2005. Why did the war start? Dyer did not pass the ball to Bowyer. That was all Bowyer needed to get rid of him. Although the fight did not result in any major injuries, it was a real battle that gave both players a red card, and it was also part of an unforgettable event that we will be talking about in the coming years.

Lee Bowyer has collected 99 yellow cards in his career and made 140 mistakes in 397 Premier League appearances. While he hasn’t committed as many offense as Kevin Davies, nor Paul Scholes, Bowyer deserves to be in our No. 3 spot just because of an argument he had with his teammate, something you don’t see often. not, if ever.

2. Ben Thatcher

Former professional footballer Ben Thatcher started his career at Millwall and later joined Wimbledon, Tottenham, Leicester, Manchester City, Charlton Athletic and Ipswich Town, where he played until 2010 when he retired at the age of 34. In his career, Thatcher appeared in 209 Premier League matches where he collected 43 yellow cards and 4 red cards. The number of his yellow cards is much lower than any other player on our list, but it is not a list of players with the most yellow cards. Ben Thatcher won his place at our number 2 spot in the 2006/07 season due to his offense on Pedro Mendes. Although it was just one of the many mistakes he made, it was a mistake to remember because he made it clear what kind of player Ben Thatcher was. It was such a horrible mistake that it overshadowed all that Ben Thatcher could accomplish in his career, and we could argue that the aforementioned miss limited an official attack. If we draw a line and look back on Thatcher's career, we can all agree that Ben Thatcher was probably one of the most disciplined players in the history of the Premier League, the name he got despite appearing only in the Premier League. some seasons. Unfortunately, that will probably be the only thing we will remember about him, despite the fact that he was a good player.

1.El Hadji Diouf

When it comes to players 'dirty players', they are usually despised by opponents and liked by the fans of the club in which they play. When it comes to El Hadji Diouf, there is no one who likes him.

El Hadji Diouf did not appear in many Premier League games (243), nor did he receive many cards (55 yellow). He is not even known to do as Ben Thatcher and Lee Bowyer. What makes him the most hated player and the dirtiest player in the Premier League are his saliva incidents. If there’s one thing footballers and fans don’t want to see, it’s the saliva of the players. Sure, dealing with an opponent, maybe leaving him some bruises, even accidentally 'accidentally' hitting the player in a vicious attempt to vent your anger, is somewhat acceptable, but the same cannot be said for saliva no. El Hadji Diouf is known not only for spitting at other players, but also for the fans, which is a step too far. With his numerous splashing incidents, he has made a name for himself as the dirtiest player in the Premier League. The name will surely follow him wherever he goes, just like the anthem and he will spit in a minute 'which is often heard when Diouf is seen.

With that, we close our list of the 5 dirtiest players in the Premier League. Some have won their place because of the large number of criminal offenses they have committed in their careers, others because of the ‘famous’ offenses, which will still be one of the worst and most wrong mistakes. unforgettable in the history of football, and most recently is El Hadji Diouf, whose actions are despised not only by opponents but also by his own fans and teammates.

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