Joke Of The Day: The Students Prank


It is quite usual for any student to lie to their teachers or lecturers especially when they are late for class. The major and foremost reason being to escape punishment. In this article I want to help you release some stress by sharing a funny story about four senior high school students.

It so happened that one day, four senior high school students from Bishop Herman College in the Volta Region broke bounds and went to town to chill, have fun with friends and to enjoy with the town folks. Unfortunately, they forgot that the following day they are writing a mid-term quiz.

These four students (all boys) got drank and overslept while still in town (Kpando). When they regained consciousness, they hurriedly run to their teacher who was conducting the quiz and started gasping for breath.

The teacher then asked why are you late? They looked into one another's eyes and one replied the teacher, "We had a flat tyre on our way to school and that delayed us." The teacher said, "Okay, that's fine." He gave them sheets of papers with a question on them and asked them to sit down and write.

When the students opened the paper to answer the question, they were amazed at the question they saw. The teacher knowing very well the the kind of question he set for the four boys, made them sit very far from each other so that no communication can take place.

And The question was "Which one of the tyres was flat"? Hahahaha. Don't laugh alone share with others too.