Change Of Tune, Waruguru Set To Announce New Political Stand

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Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru has now vowed to announce her next course of action following her loss in the UDA party nominations. The lawmaker thanked her supporters for their continued support and assWaruguru, who changed into peering toward the Laikipia East parliamentary seat on a UDA cost sticker price, changed into a couple of the fat cats who have been crushed withinside the UDA primaries.

The official changed into overpowered to the UDA birthday festivity cost sticker price with the guide of utilizing the occupant Laikipia East MP Amin Deddy Mohamed. The calm MP accumulated 12,743 votes contrary to the Woman Rep's 5,595 votes.

It remains presently at this point not perfect if Waruguru will resort an appropriate complaint to the UDA birthday festivity having questioned the impacts of the selections or if she can have the option to lodging to competing for the seat on an Independent cost sticker price.ured them that everything is under control.

"I want to thank my supporters for their continued support as I assure them that all is well. I will issue a comprehensive statement on my next course of action after the Easter holiday," she posted.

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