Get Well Soon: A Woman Is Nursing Painful Injuries After She Was Badly Attacked By Nine Carnivorous


We are used to hear people being attacked by robbers as well as mad men and women. Many cases of animals attacking people is on the rise. Wild animals as well as domestic animals are also attacking unsuspecting people. Yesterday a woman was attacked by nine dogs. The incidence took place at 8 pm. She was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where she is fighting for her life.The woman was attacked by these dogs few metres from her home.

“She had been attacked badly and her left hand was mauled and the flesh eaten by the dogs. I rushed her to Kenyatta National Hospital,” Kisemei said.

Residents killed four dogs while others disappeared into darkness. Today her husband was called to sign a document in order to allow amputation of her hand which was eaten badly. She is in Internsive Care Unit.

We wish her quick recovery and action should be taken against the owner of the dogs.