"Ladies, Have You Been In This Situation?" Facebook User Asks. See Reactions


Facebook is a global platform that allows people from all over Africa to exchange information and ideals about their life as well as information from around the world. Many others use this platform to preach the Word of God, counselors provide meaningful guidance to their patients, and some promote their goods and products for sale.

In today's post, a Facebook user shared something on her page that has created a lot of buzz on the internet.

According to the Facebook user who shared these photos, the lady on the bike went to see her boyfriend, who promised to pay the bike man, but when they arrived at the guy's house, his phone was turned off.

Despite having arrived at her destination, the lady can be seen still sitting on her bike, looking tired and confused.

The woman who shared the story on a Facebook group asked other women if they had ever been in a similar situation. Take a look at how people reacted.

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