Video: Woman Fights Back With A Bucket As Her Man Beats Her Up

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It is normal for couple to have Fights every now and then when they have issues, but it is discourgaed for their fights to turn physicall since women are deemed to have less power than men, if ever a fight breaks, a woman is likely to be the one who gets hurts more than a man since men are physically strong er than women, ut this woman refused to be used as a punching bag, she gave as much as she received, when her man threw punches a d slaps, she also threw what she had on her had, hitting him back as much as he was hitting her.

A video has emerged on social media where a man was fighting with his woman, they clearly did not have an agreement over something, then lost their tempers and an ugly fight broke, the two just wanted to beat each other up so bad, surely the man did not expect that the woman would fight back the way she did and she was not retreating.

On the video, a half naked man was filmed confronting his woman, the woman was also not fully dressed, the fight seems to have broke when the two were in the bedroom. After a short confrontation, the man started beating up his woman who was holding a small bucket, she felt she can't be assaulted without fighting back, she used the small bucket to beat the man, then the two of them slipped on the tiles and continued to beat each other violently.

The funy part of the video is when the two fell, the man almost hit the Wall with his face, but the fight continued, but the sad part is that the video is just 16 seconds long, no one knows what happened after the two fell.


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